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CH101 Faculty Contributors

R.A. Baker
Pastor - Troy Community Church
Independent Marketing Consultant

Ph.D. Ecclesiastical History
University of St Andrews
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Clement of Alexandria (especially his spirituality passages), second century Gnostic writings, Apostolic Fathers of the second century.
Research Interests:
Spirituality of early Christianity, the early beginnings of monasticism, the Nag Hammadi documents, Emperor Constantine, Pacifism and Early Christianity

Christopher Craun
Assistant Professor of Ancient History, University of Central Arkansas

Ph.D. Medieval History
University of St Andrews
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Early medieval history, especially early Christianity, Carolingian monasticism, early medieval gender, and the cult of saints.
Research Interests:
Martyrologies, early Hagiography, Christian asceticism, construction and use of gender in sacred texts, biblical motifs in architecture and medieval literature, as well as Carolingian ecclesiastical literature.

John S. Gibson
B.A. Religious Studies
University of Alabama

New Testament, especially the Gospel of John

The Error of Biblical Inerrancy
The Demands of Christian Tolerance
The Virtue of Simplicity in The Shepherd of Hermas

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