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PodCasts - Lectures and Teaching Series

A good place to start if you want to listen to my various lectures is with a lecture on "Epistemology" that I typically give to my Intro to Philosophy Class. This will help you understand how I approach all subject matter - how do I "know" what I know? How can I be certain of what I "know?"
Please keep in mind this is an Introduction class with mainly freshmen and sophomore students.
This lecture is in two parts to keep the audio file from being too large:
Introduction to Epistemology and Uncertainty - Part I
Introduction to Epistemology and Uncertainty - Part II

How was the New Testament Canon Formed?

This was the most common question I was asked whenever invited to speak with students on a university campus. This is an important question. The Christian Church has always believed the New Testament documents to be inspired, thus how we came to our current list of writings is crucial.
I will attempt to answer the following questions:

- What pushed the early church to come up with this list?
- When was the canon list finalized?

- How do scholars date the NT documents?
- How did the early fathers come up with the listing NT documents?

The NT Canon, Part 1
- Common Misconceptions
- Early Church Fathers
- Oral Traditions
- Dating of NT documents

The NT Canon, Part 2
- Early Non-NT Writings-Dates
- Evidence from the Apologists
- The Earliest Listings
- Influence of Gnosticism

The NT Canon, Part 3
- Third Century Writers-Quotations of NT
- Fourth Century Developments
- Eusebius, Church History
- The "Bible" of Constantine
- What about the Apocrypha?
Apologies for the throat clearing...allergies.

"Grace to You," a study in Ephesians using the classic by Watchman Nee, "Sit, Walk, Stand."
A Study in Ephesians

"Contemplative Prayer," a series based on the Brother Lawrence classic "The Practice of the Presence of God."   Contemplative Prayer

Papers on Christian Spirituality in Church History, papers read at a Spirituality Weekend Retreat in Hartselle, Alabama.    Papers on Spirituality throughout Church History

Church History class lectures given at Saint Augustine's College. (unedited)
Lectures in Church History

Two Radio Interviews on Constantine
Listen to a pair of interviews I did with Keith Giles, a home church pastor.

Find links to these Radio Interviews on Constantine and click on the "Play" button at the top of the page.

  "Grace to You," a study in Ephesians
A six week series I taught at our church on Paul's letter to the Ephesians using the classic by Watchman Nee, "Sit, Walk, Stand."
Unfortunately, the first teaching (an introduction of Ephesians and Watchman Nee) was not recorded. If you are not familiar with Watchman Nee, please read a brief biography of his life. Many of his writings are now considered Christian classics, none more than "Sit, Walk, Stand." I recommend that every believer read this book.

Right click on "download" if you would like to save the mp3 file.
Introduction to Law and Grace  (download) See note below - open PDF file
[You might want to open this PDF file of slides to follow along for the Introduction.]
Ephesians Chapter 2, "Sit"  (download)
Ephesians Chapters 3-4  (download)
Ephesians Chapter 3-4, "Walk"  (download)
Ephesians Chapter 6, "Stand"  (download)

Contemplative Prayer
This is a seven part series I taught based on the Brother Lawrence classic,
The Practice of the Presence of God.
For those not familiar with Brother Lawrence, I would highly encourage you to purchase this book at your local bookstore or go to Amazon. Most versions of this book are abridged, but the basic message will come through in any version. This is a profound work (making a difficult/complex topic simple). I recommend that every believer read this book - it took me reading it three times over a period of around 5 years to sink into my heart. You can also read this brief biography of Lawrence's life.

The class included spending some time each night "practicing" God's presence. These were guided times of prayer and our "practice" time increased with each session. The first few teachings are longer - the teachings that included "practice" are shorter with comments/discussion from attendees.

Right click on "download" if you would like to save the mp3 file.
Introduction to Contemplative Prayer  (download)
The Struggle of Contemplative Prayer  (download)
Apophatic Theology and Prayer  (download)


- was athanasius black
- tertullian/paul/marcion
- worship on sunday
- origen and universalism
- water baptism
- wine in ancient world
- fathers on NT Revelation
- fathers on holiness
- fathers on the military
- apostolic succession
- palestine or israel?
- candles in church
- pagan influences
- constantine-Sun worship
- constantine vs donatists

Book Reviews
- church traditions
- book reviews
- Buzzard - the Trinity
- David Bercot books

Biblical Issues
- what is false doctrine?
- pacifism and the NT
- who wrote NT Hebrews
- the trinity
- the apocrypha
- saul the persecutor
- NT, faith, resurrection
- NT and tithing
- Is the NT inspired?
- wine in the bible

Culture and Opinion
- christian tolerance
- faith and certainty
- end of the spear

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